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  • DinamitShop - pirotechnika, tűzijáték, petárda

    Folyamatosan megújuló kínálatunkban rengeteg szökőkutat, golyóbombát, petárdát, szőnyegpetárdát, római gyertyát, rakétát, telepet, füstbombát, csillagszórót, vulkánt találhatsz, s mindemellett a gyermek rendezvényekre is kínálunk szolidabb pirotechnikai e

  • Gamma Trade LLC. wheel repair machine

    Gamma trade is bringing you the most unique and innovative garage equipment and tools straight from the manufacturers.If you are looking for really revolutionizing tools or just want to increase your profit this is the company to do business with.Our pro

  • Liquid Piston Stirling Engine

    Benefits of the Stirling Engine include flexible fuel sources, quiet operation, and high theoretical efficiency. However, widespread use of the Stirling Engine is hampered by high cost and relatively low power density. Complex external heat exchangers are

  • Solar Stirling Engine Kit

    The Stirling engine is a simple, clean and efficient energy technology that is quickly becoming a viable source of electricity as the availability of fossil fuels declines.

  • Soup tin stirling engine

    The very first stirling engine I made hardly worked at all: it would spin one way slightly easier than the other, but that was the only sign of life.

  • Toy Steam Company

  • Transparent Solar Stirling Engine Kit

    Currently, the most efficient source of solar energy production is solar stirling engine technology. Watch the Transparent Solar Stirling Engine run, simply from the power of the sun!,newp_83_15481.html

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